Employer Services Overview

Employer-2Jigsaw Corporate Financial Management Ltd is a firm of Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) and employee benefits consultants who operate pension schemes and employee benefit arrangements for aspirational UK companies and their employees (see dedicated website for services to employees and individuals).

We have clients throughout the UK, although the majority are based in Essex, Hampshire and Dorset. Our corporate clients range in size from small family run businesses and start-ups to multi-national SMEs. Management expertise, commitment and a creative approach to the changing needs of our corporate clients, their employees and directors have been the key to our success. Additionally:

  • We specialise in the provision of financial advice in the workplace and the administration of regulatory led employee benefits.
  • Our commitment to personal advice means we aim to meet every employee, from MD to post-boy. This increases understanding and appreciation of the benefits on offer, which in turn increases take-up rates – membership of contributory pension schemes is often over 90%. The national average is around 46%.
  • We have an extremely high client satisfaction level.
  • Our innovative approach to corporate benefits could save you significant sums each and every year while increasing the monetary benefit to employees.

Typically, Jigsaw would start by conducting a benefit benchmarking exercise on your existing offering and speaking with you about your requirements. In our experience these reasons usually include increasing employee benefits (or at least the value of them), increasing investment options, reducing benefit costs and/or introducing salary sacrifice, increasing employee benefit communication or simply wishing to change your financial advisor.

We would then discuss the level of our services you require, from pensions administration and salary sacrifice, to risk re-broking and employee advice. Once agreed, we then recommend a strategy to suit your circumstances and if appointed; work with your HR team and our experienced benefits administration team to ensures a smooth transition and implementation of your strategic benefits plan.

For a free, no obligation consultation to see how we can help call
02380 004444.

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