Employee Education & Benefit Communication

The cost of providing pensions and other benefits to staff can be a significant part of any employers overhead. Spending the money is unavoidable but if an employee does not appreciate the value of those benefits, then some or all of the spend is being wasted.

At Jigsaw we believe the only way to maximise the value of your benefits spend is to ensure your employees truly understand the nuances of the benefits they are being offered, and in particular, how those benefits will positively effect them personally.

For example; understanding the value of Gym membership is very straightforward for a young gym going individual.  Understanding or being interested in the benefits of a pension scheme when you are in your twenties is a rarity. The solution is in employee education and communication of benefits.

At Jigsaw we achieve this “employee engagement” via a number of methods, focussed on what we call workplace marketing. At the core of our service is face to face meetings where each employee has their benefits explained by a qualified independent adviser. Additionally we utilise some or all of the following:

  • Bespoke employer intranet pages and/or personalised sections of our own website to re-enforce the benefit delivery message.
  • Bespoke website to allow scheme members to log-in and manage their account on-line
  • Branded bespoke benefit brochures
  • Regular adviser surgeries or financial planning education seminars
  • Regular Annual review to confirm fund choice and contribution levels are still on target to reach goals
  • Remote advice service, either over phone or PC if required.

Investment in your employees need not always be financial – spend some time on explaining and educating them on what you offer. They will appreciate it, which is why one of our clients had their pension take-up rate almost double once JIGSAW provided employee seminars.

For a free, no obligation consultation, please contact us on 02380 004444 to see how we can help.

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