Group Pensions, SIPP, Personal & Stakeholder

Administration for Group Pensions and Group SIPPs

Defined contribution (DC) schemes are becoming increasingly popular as employers are able to cap their costs and remove the sometimes onerous trustee duties which can accompany defined benefit arrangements. Examples of DC schemes are group personal or stakeholder pension schemes and increasingly group SIPPs. (Please visit our product library section if you would like to know more about the different types of group pensions available.)

Assuming it has been agreed that such a scheme is suitable our advisers and support staff will work together with your HR team to ensure smooth implementation if applicable and easy on-going administration. It is essential that the main contacts at your end and ours quickly establish a rapport which leads to most tasks being completed in an organised and timely manner. We believe this comes from a combination of personal advice from our trained advisers, allied with latest technology to allow us (and you) to manage the scheme. Equally importantly this technology allows scheme members to access their policy information on-line with features such as fund switching and on-line valuations. For more information see our section on employee education and benefit communication.

As with everything at Jigsaw, our pension administration service is extremely flexible, adapting to your needs and requirements. We can do as little, or as much for you as you would like.

The services we typically provide include

  • Scheme review and selection to ensure you have the right policy with the right provider.
  • Scheme implementation and processing
  • New joiner processing – usually with a one 2 one meeting with an adviser
  • Creation and monitoring of monthly payments
  • Annual member review meetings
  • Processing and advisory service for those who leave the scheme.
  • At Retirement planning
  • Electronic Pension Schedule management

For a free, no obligation consultation, please contact us on 02380 004444 to see how we can help

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