Costs of Our Services

In line with Financial Conduct Authority regulations, we are extremely flexible with regards payment for our services. We only work on a fee basis, giving our customers the option of either paying the fees directly or in some cases the fee can be facilitated by the product provider. For protection needs only we may receive a commission form the provider which we fully disclose.

If you are the employee of a company for whom we provide advisory services, the chances are that the majority of our services will be free of charge. For full details of the costs of our services, please have a look at the ‘Client Agreement’ document. Please also take the time to read our ‘Information About our Services’.

However, it is important to understand that we at Jigsaw treat each piece of business on an individual basis and if a fee is to be paid, you will be informed and we will await your agreement prior to work commencing.

If you have any doubts about how we will be paid for our work, please contact us or call 02380-004444.

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