Investment Management

Individual-5The term investment is far reaching and there are literally thousands of things that could be described as “investments”. Pivotal to them all is the premise of making your money work for you but choosing the right investment for you can be a nerve-wracking experience. Not only do you need to decide what kind of product to choose and which company to buy it from, but then which specific fund, stock or asset is most appropriate. In addition you should ideally hold your investments as tax efficiently as possible and this can be equally complicated. Once you have made a decision, regularly reviewing the progress against your expectations and making changes if necessary is equally important.

The alternative is to hand over your money to someone else to manage on your behalf and this can prove equally or even more stressful.

Jigsaw specialise in providing investment advice to both new and experienced investors. We believe our straight talking “Plain English” approach puts our clients at ease and increases their understanding of this sometimes complex area. Central to any investment decisions will be your attitude towards risk, something we take great care in explaining and agreeing with our clients at outset. [Please see attitude to risk profiling for more information]

Equally important are the answers to three simple questions. How much can you afford to invest, for how long are you prepared to leave the money tied up, and for what purpose are you investing?

Our Investment advice process takes account of these variables and it is your aspirations, needs and expectations which determine our ultimate recommendations.

Whether you are aiming for capital growth or income, you wish to invest £200 per month into an ISA or pension or you have a pension, unit trust, bond or collective portfolio of millions, the principals are the same and we believe our robust procedures and professional investment ethos deliver value to our clients.

Please take the time to read more about each of the stages of our Investment Process. Alternatively, use the contact us feature to request additional information, or call 02380-004444 if you have any questions or queries.

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