Wrap Platforms & Fund Supermarkets

Increasingly our clients wish to have on-line access to their savings or investment policies. As the number of policies grows our clients end up managing a series of user names and passwords which can make managing a large portfolio complicated.

The Wrap concept has a long-established and successful history around the world. The basic concept is to provide private investors with a centralised and complete real-time view of their investment portfolio, be they held in a pension, ISA, Unit Trust, SIPP or bond.

There are a number of different wrap providers, each of which has it’s pros and cons. Our advisers can help select a suitable one for your portfolio if appropriate but most offer real-time valuations, on-line fund switching and research facilities. They also allow Jigsaw to provide holistic investment advice across the entire portfolio.

If you would like any further information, or have any questions, please use the contact us feature, or call on 02380-004444 .

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