Pension Advice & Services for Individuals & Employees

Individual-2Jigsaw will typically first meet with you to introduce and explain your company pension scheme and/or any other benefits offered to you via your employer. It would be normal for this relationship to grow over time to include non-work based financial advice.

We like to think of a pension as retirement bank account which is extremely tax efficient and personal to you, and we will explain in plain English how tax relief, employer contributions and/or salary sacrifice can significantly increase your contributions to help build a large fund for you to use in retirement.

The advice we give you will be determined by the exact pension scheme on offer by your employer. This is likely to be a the new Work Place pension scheme as a result of Auto enrolment, a Group Stakeholder, a Group Personal Pension or increasingly a Fund Supermarket or even a Group SIPP. Even if your employer doesn’t offer one of these, we can still arrange any scheme you wish on an individual basis via our advanced pension service. For more details on the different types of pension, please refer to our product library to your right.

During our meetings, as part of our pension investment process, we will also explain the importance of your attitude towards risk and work with you to agree this, discuss what investment choices your policy offers and agree a suitable mix of funds to get your policy started. We also offer a regular review process, and recommend all our clients take advantage of this at least annually. Most providers offer an on-line facility to administer your pension plan. Our existing clients can log-in here to receive valuations, projections and or perform fund switches online. You may wish, for example, to alter your funds as your attitude towards risk changes or more specialist investors may wish to react to market conditions.

We will also look at other areas of pension advice. You may have other existing pensions and our pension transfer service can investigate, and report on the benefits or dis-advantages of you transferring / consolidating your existing plans into the new arrangement.

On the other hand you may feel that your employers scheme is not the scheme for you, Our advanced pension service can arrange specialist pensions like SIPPs on a individual basis.

For our clients approaching retirement we offer a retirement planning service which advises on the most suitable way to draw your pension benefits.

In our experience, our pension service will help assure you of the benefits of pensions, addressing any queries you may have as well as helping dismiss many of the common myths regarding pensions. Did you know, for example, that if you die before you retire your beneficiary can receive the entire pension pot back tax-free?

We regularly visit our corporate clients and are happy to meet with any employee during office hours. If you are an individual, or are an employee with special requirements, home visits can also be arranged. Either way, please contact us and we will make suitable arrangements.

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