Pension Transfers & Consolidation Advice

Often our clients have pensions that they have started in the past, either personally or with previous employers, which are now either “frozen” or lost completely. Whether you are paying into these old schemes or not you may wish to investigate the options to consolidate these old plans into your new company pension scheme or even into a separate personal pension, fund supermarket or SIPP arrangement.

Reasons for consolidating pensions vary; Most of our clients have switched pension provider to benefit from significantly lower charges resulting in improved benefits at their chosen retirement date, others for better fund choice, web access or flexibility. Whatever your reasons are it is important to ensure you will not be financially worse off by moving your old pension or if you will be, make sure you have the data to make a fully informed decision.

Our pension transfer analysis service can help achieve this. In the first instance all we need is your permission to contact the old pension scheme provider and gather some basic details so that we can report back to you with your options. This is completely free of charge and the first step is to return the authority form with your policy number and provider name. Please note we will need one signed form for each pension policy you would like us to investigate.

If you have any specific questions, or would like to speak with your adviser, click here to contact us.

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