Retirement Planning

As you approach your intended retirement age the subject of pensions becomes increasingly important. In our experience people start pensions in their twenties or very early thirties. Most clients significantly review their contributions and overall plans in their early forties and by the age of 50 our clients have a good idea of when they will be able to retire and in what manner that is likely to be. In light of recent announcements made by the government at the last budget, proposals intended to take place in April 2015 will give people with pensions more choice and flexibility as to what they do with their pension funds. These proposals whilst very welcoming make it all the more important you seek guidance and advice to ensure what you decide to do is right for you.

This is not achieved through pot luck and our retirement planning services include a holistic approach to your requirements, taking into account all your assets, potential sources of income and expected needs. We then recommend the appropriate solution and arrange any products necessary to achieve your goals. Please see our product library for further information on annuities, income drawdown (unsecured pensions) or phased retirement plans which may form part of our solution recommendation.

Whichever product or solution is most suitable our independent status allows us to source the whole market to find the best deal for you.

This service does not only apply to those nearing retirement, increasingly our younger clients are keen to obtain projections from all their various investment polices and pensions and have these projections at various ages summarised as part of a solid retirement plan. Pension Planning spreadsheets can be prepared on a bespoke basis if required.

If you have any specific questions, or would like to speak with your adviser, click here to contact us.

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