SIPPs & Advanced Pensions

Not all our client’s needs are answered by joining their employers pension scheme, indeed many do not have the option or inclination to do so. Jigsaw advise on a myriad of different types of pension including personal pensions, executive pensions and Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP’s). Further information on the various different schemes can be found in the product library on the right.

As part of our advanced pension planning service we will work with you to establish which type of pension will best suit your requirements and then initiate a suitable plan on your behalf. SIPP’s for example have far reaching investment powers, enabling policyholders to invest into commercial property, directly held equities, unit trusts and OEIC’s as well as ETF’s or use the services of a discretionary fund manager. They are typically more expensive than standard pensions so are not for everybody but they do typically suit the more experienced investor or one with a more specialist attitude to risk.

We will work with you to agree contribution levels and an investment strategy that should achieve your goals, and then review this with you regularly to ensure you are on track. Clients are able to log in and access their plans at any time on-line.

If you have any specific questions, or would like to speak with your adviser, click here to contact us

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