Protection & Insurance Services

Individual-4There are many “What if’s” in life, and protecting yourself against them can provide both financial support when it is most needed and also peace of mind. Whether you are protecting your life, income or health, there are usually different options you can take, and different priorities you should have.

Asking simple questions can outline the areas of your life you need to protect, while also giving an understanding of what your priorities should be.

What if you were to die? Would anyone suffer financially?

What if you were unable to work for an extended period? Would you be able to manage on Incapacity benefit of around £80 per week?

What if an operation you needed was going to take 12 months on the NHS? Would you want to wait?

Most people understand the need for life cover, although not all people have such a need. For example, a young, single professional who is renting a property has very little need for protecting their life. The financial impact of their death on other people would be minimal. However, if they were unable to work through accident or sickness, that could have a great impact.

The same is clearly not the case for a married person with children and a mortgage.

Discussing your needs, understanding the principles and selecting the correct options is vital in ensuring you have the correct type of financial support should the unexpected happen. Please use the contact us feature, or call 02380-004444 if you have any questions.

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